BARD_BO1_01: Installation phase of the BARD Offshore 1 2 MB

At the end of July 2013, the installation phase of the BARD Offshore 1 wind farm is finalised: 80 wind turbines, each with a nominal capacity of 5 megawatts, were completed one month ahead of the planned target date.

BARD_BO1_02: 65 wind turbines already connected 17 MB

65 wind turbines have already been connected to the grid and are generating electricity for 300,000 households. By September, all 80 turbines will be supplying power.

BARD_BO1_03: 120,000 metric tons of steel 4 MB

At times, four jack-up vessels were used to deliver a total of 120,000 metric tons of steel to the 60 square-kilometre construction site located 100 kilometres off the island coast of Borkum.

BARD_BO1_04: BARD service technician checking the weather station 5 MB

Around 100 metres above sea-level, a BARD service technician on the roof of a nacelle checks the weather station on a wind turbine generator.

BARD_BO1_05: Supreme discipline in the installation phase 11 MB

The supreme discipline in the installation phase: The rotor star is raised onto the nacelle with the help of the main crane on a jack-up vessel.


The hotel ship REGINA BALTICA (in the background) served as a base during the deployment of teams to the construction site via Crew Transfer Vessels. At times, up to 400 employees were working day and night on the construction site.

BARD_BO1_07: Comparison to a supply vessel 4 MB

The direct comparison to a supply vessel demonstrates the dimensions of a wind turbine generator.

BARD_BO1_08: Transformer platform BARD 1 6 MB

The transformer platform BARD 1 is the heart of the BO1 wind farm.

Jens Hagen 14 MB

Managing Director of the parent and operating company Ocean Breeze Energy