Since 2003 the BARD Group has stood at the forefront in tapping new energy resources on the high seas. We tread innovative new paths and combine highly sophisticated technology with sustainable climate protection. BARD is a pioneer in the development and realisation of groundbreaking offshore wind energy utilization.

With the installation of “BARD Offshore 1” in September 2013, located around 100 kilometres off the island coast of Borkum, we are bringing to completion the first commercial and currently most powerful class of offshore wind farm in Germany.

The 80 turbine generators belonging to “BARD Offshore 1” provide a nominal capacity of 400 megawatts – equivalent to the power needs of more than 400,000 households.

“BARD Offshore 1” is sponsored by the European Commission as part of the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR).

Turbines (WECs)

BARD-turbines are designed specifically for application in the toughest conditions on the high seas and combine innovative technologies and security. 

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We use our own special self-elevating jack-up platforms with integrated heavy-duty cranes for installation, operation and maintenance work.

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BARD offers a sophisticated service and maintenance concept. Our service team is always on hand at the platform located within the wind farm, and we provide our own transfer and supply logistics.

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BARD präsentiert Offshore-Rettungskonzept, Kooperation mit DRK und NHC

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BARD Magazine No. 15 (November 2011)

BARD Magazine No. 15 (November 2011)


  • High voltage: Construction progress at „BARD Offshore 1“
  • Political tailwind: Top politicians go offshore
  • Safety first: Unique rescue concept on the high seas
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